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For almost a century Martinovic Tailor Shop produces bespoke suits with great devotion, quality and expertise. In tune with current times and fashion, we strive to make your suits comfortable, but at the same time elegant and distinguished. Along with you, we create your presonal, recognizable style beyond the uniformity constraints of production lines.

Martinovic Tailor Shop continues the bespoke tradition started by Mihajilo Masutkovic in 1919. Not long after his graduation as master craftsman, Mihajilo, together with Petar Vukovic, opens a shop in Decanska street 1-3, site of today's Youth Hall. Contemporary press noted that the two of them were the first to introduce double rowed dinner jacket to Belgrade from Paris in 1924.

In 1924. the chocolate manufacturer Šonda (Shonda) finished construction of his building at Kosovska 5. Mihajilo Masutkovic rented a shop from him and started his own tailoring buisness, witch continues to this day.

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